— Opera folk.

Drawing by Kevin Cornell from Lulu's Mysterious Mission.

Lulu’s Mysterious Mission

— Please gather round for a quick announcement! Closer. Closer. That’s it, tuck in there. Lots more room in the front here… don’t be shy. Yes, I’m talking to you, ma’am. What’s your name? Henrietta? Really? That’s an unusual name. You don’t see a lot of “Henriettas” anymore. No… it’s great, it’s a good name. I was hoping your name might be Lulu, though. It would have been an excellent segue to my announcement. Well, because the book is called Lulu’s Mysterious Mission. Oh, yeah… I’ve got a portfolio entry with concept art and everything. Dammit — if your name was Lulu that would have been perfect. Well… I mean… that WAS the announcement… no point in using the megaphone now. Okay, everyone back to work or whatever.

Frank Swanson and Quincy Rasp attend the 2014 Buckle Expo!

Birthday Street 433Buckle Expo 2014

A List Apart 393

A List Apart 393: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future and Creating Style Guides now!

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I’ve found the key to staying upbeat is to make long to-do lists filled with incredibly easy tasks! *write vapid tweet*.

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— I’d like to design golfing courses. For golfing balls and such.

The people of Birthday Street punish a witch. Sorta.

Birthday Street 431Rain of Terror

A List Apart 392

A List Apart 392: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Content-out Layout and People Skills for Web Workers now!


— So excited for how this book turned out – “Lulu’s Mysterious Mission”.


— Scene from a project that is, unfortunately, probably dead in the water.

A man must compose symphonies!

Birthday Street 429Muse


— They’re into kinky shit… like “Bundt Pan Weekly”.


— I like this fella. I could easily see him selling meat pies with questionable meat.

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Just took a bath. I’m a tub guy now.

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A List Apart 391

A List Apart 391: A new illustrations for A List Apart is live! Check out The Battle for the Body Field now!

The World's Worst Hammed Burger enters a sumo contest.

Birthday Street 427The Sumoburger

Sean and Misty Powers tell their story to Azol

Birthday Street 425Today On Azol


— Poor Charlie Bear…

A List Apart 390

A List Apart 390: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship and Web Animation at Work now!

This is the happiest Charlie Bear will ever be.

Birthday Street 423Doctor’s Oriface


— Another ferocious wolf of wereing.

Design Vigilantism at its worst.

Birthday Street 421End Is Upon Us


— The moment post-transformation where a werewolf is still a bit woozy.


— One of those classy British werewolves that go to libraries and use handkerchiefs.

Rogue Sub, Part... a lot.

Birthday Street 419Rogue Sub, Part 11

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Lions are the coolest big cats. Look at ‘em… lazing about… they don’t give a shit about anything! They should be smoking cigarettes!

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— This guy would have made an excellent speakeasy bouncer.


— Evolution of a Grumpy Squirrel

A List Apart 388

A List Apart 388: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out A List Together and Writing Is Thinking now!

Headline! Scientist discovered in belly of Russian Monster!

Birthday Street 417Rogue Sub, Part 9


— Practicing my monsters.

Christmas at the November Household

Birthday Street 415A November Christmas


— Judy’s color blindness proved to be an unfortunate handicap.

A List Apart 387

A List Apart 387: A new illustration for A List Apart is live! Check out A Moment to Breathe now!


— If Christmas were Halloween…

Action Guy suits up.

Birthday Street 413Rogue Sub, Part VII


— The rare and incredibly-easy-to-detect jack-a-rein.

A List Apart 386

A List Apart 386: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Surveying the Big Screen and Designing Offline-First Web Apps now!

Action Guy crosses swords!

Birthday Street 411Rogue Sub, Part 5


— Thanksgiving justice!

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