New In Town

“In which the fabulous Mortimer Gulch narrowly escapes a town of perfidious ingrates!”

The cover of New In Town — a repairman entering a town for the first time.

Six-Penny Anthems, Volume III.

“In which I make yet another compendium of my sketches, comics, and lost art!”

Nosferatwo, a comic from Six-Penny Anthems Volume 3!.

Chapter Two Is Missing!

“In which a young boy, a detective, and a janitor solve a mystery! Kinda!”

Montage of art from Chapter Two Is Missing!.

The Terrible Two's Last Laugh

“In which Miles and Niles pull the prank to end all pranks.”

Montage of art from The Terrible Two's Last Laugh.

Lucy Fell Down The Mountain

“In which a small child is placed in mortal peril by a wicked illustrator for the amusement of children. ”

A young girl named Lucy falling down a mountain and looking quite unhappy about it.

Go To Sleep, Monster!

“In which Anna and George struggle to put a household of monsters to sleep.”

The Cover of Go To Sleep, Monster!

The Terrible Two Go Wild

“In which Miles and Niles battle nature as embodied by an adolescent bully with a mullet”

Montage of art from The Terrible Two Go Wild.

Ambidextrous Collection III.

“In which our heroes have lewd thoughts about pogo sticks and learn how not to play banjo.”

A copy of Ambidextrous Collection III.

The Terrible Two Get Worse

“In which Miles and Niles face an existential dilemmna that requires they reveal themselves to a goat.”

Montage of art from The Terrible Two Get Worse.

The Terrible Two

“In which Miles Murphy and Niles Sparks become rival pranksters.”

Drawing of the Prank Lab board from The Terrible Two.

Lulu Is Getting A Sister

“In which Lulu faces a cruel future where she is no longer the center of the universe. ”

Lulu standing in foreground, a baby bassinet behind her.

Six-Penny Anthems, Volume II.

“In which I make a real book using the same principles I use to make a sketch book!”

A copy of Six-Penny Anthems, Volume II.

Six-Penny Anthems, Volume I.

“In which an intellectually-immature illustrator draws a plethora of mildly-entertaining pen & ink cartoons.”

A copy of Six-Penny Anthems, Volume I.

Mojo The Sock Monkey, Curriculum Vitae

“In which Mojo The Sock Monkey loses more jobs than you can shake a banana fork at.”

A copy of Mojo The Sock Monkey, Curriculum Vitae

Ambidextrous Collection II.

“In which our heroes accidentally fly, fight a terrifying spider, and make love to a clown.”

A copy of Ambidextrous Collection II.

Ambidextrous Collection I.

“In which our heroes learn math from olives, science from pandas, and solve the mystery of the Mystery Box.”

A copy of Ambidextrous Collection I.

A List Apart

“In which I draw over 350 pen, ink and watercolor illustrations. And that was the easy part.”

Drawing of a shark surrounded by a school of fish, from A List Apart.

Count The Monkeys

“In Which The Monkeys Prove To Be Remarkably Hard To Count.”

Drawing of a happy, bouncy alligator.

The Superest

“In which illustrated heroes battle to the death, or at least to a really good punchline.”

Close up image of Figleif, the most prude of all superheroes.

Birthday Street

“In which the depths of human depravity are explored through comics”

A collage of different panels from the comic Birthday Street

Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug

“In Which A Shark and an Octopus Invade Everyone's Personal Space.”

Drawing of a shark and octopus feeding algae soup to stupid humans.

Lulu's Mysterious Mission

“In which Lulu the spoiled child becomes Lulu the spoiled spy.”

Drawing of Lulu's parents having an emotional breakdown.

Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

“In which several small chickens resolve a squirrel-related mystery.”

Drawing of several chickens poking a dead squirrel.

Chicken Squad: The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken

“In Which Chicken Detectives Learn That Chickens Aren't Blue.”

Drawing of a blue jay convincing two chickens to join his cult.


“In which handsome King Duncan receives his well-earned comeuppance.”

Drawing of Duncan, the most handsome king in the world, sitting on his vandalized fountain.

The Trouble With Chickens

“In which a detective dog solves a mystery, and a dachshund is a jerk.”

Drawing of an evil dachshund wearing an Elizabethan collar.

The Legend of Diamond Lil

“In which a detective dog solves the mystery. Of love. And sneezing.”

Drawing of an evil dachshund and his chicken accomplice.

About Kevin

Kevin Cornell spends his days in Philadelphia, drawing made-up things. You know… like a “dog driving a bus”, or a “talking can of beets”. If you ever see a talking can of beets, tell Kevin. He's been trying to figure that one out for years.

He has illustrated several books, websites, and comics, and has been doing it for quite a long time now. There's a ton more work on his old site, if you've a hankering to see more. To see his most current sketches, comics and drawings, check out his instagram.

If you have a book you want Kevin to illustrate, please get in touch with his agent, the distinguished Steve Malk. If you wish to contact Kevin because he's behind on his payments and you need to know where to send the next toe… hmmm… send that to his agent, too.