Ambidextrous Collection I.

“In which our heroes learn math from olives, science from pandas, and solve the mystery of the Mystery Box.”

About This Project


Ambidextrous is a comic series in which two dashing rogues discuss the news of the day. In this, the first edition, they explore completely inaccurate depictions of nature, gross violations of physics, and inappropriate use of the cursing spear. Do not give to friends or cherished mentors.

If you'd like to give Ambidextrous Collection I. a read, simple visit the purchase page on, and buy yourself a copy! If you'd like someone else to give Ambidextrous Collection I. a read and then describe it to you while insulting your liberal political beliefs, feel free to give my Great Uncle Herman a call.

About Kevin

Kevin Cornell spends his days in Philadelphia, drawing made-up things. You know… like a “dog driving a bus”, or a “talking can of beets”. If you ever see a talking can of beets, tell Kevin. He's been trying to figure that one out for years.

He has illustrated several books, websites, and comics, and has been doing it for quite a long time now. There's a ton more work on his old site, if you've a hankering to see more. To see his most current sketches, comics and drawings, check out his instagram.

If you have a book you want Kevin to illustrate, please get in touch with his agent, the distinguished Steve Malk. If you wish to contact Kevin because he's behind on his payments and you need to know where to send the next toe… hmmm… send that to his agent, too.