Lucy Fell Down The Mountain

“In which a small child is placed in mortal peril by a wicked illustrator for the amusement of children.”

About This Project


Lucy Fell Down The Mountain is the harrowing tale of a young girl named Lucy who is mysteriously falling down a Mountain. I say mysteriously because it's not clear why she's falling down the mountain. I mean, she's falling because of gravity, but that's not really an answer. Not to slight gravity in any way; it does have its value. Like, ever try to drink a milkshake in zero gravity? It gets all over the cockpit of your Northrop YF-17 fighter plane. See, that's what was great about the F-14. Those Tomcats had a specific cupholder for shakes and other frozen treats, and still kept the price tag under $40 million.

What was I talking about? Oh, right. Get yourself a copy of Lucy Fell Down The Mountain today! Kirkus Reviews said, “Bright illustrations with vivid colors and a very expressive Lucy give this quirky, quick nonsense tale a whole lot of personality”. And my Mom says “The cover is so sturdy, I can really give flies that sneak into the house a good smack.”

About Kevin

Kevin Cornell spends his days in Philadelphia, drawing made-up things. You know… like a “dog driving a bus”, or a “talking can of beets”. If you ever see a talking can of beets, tell Kevin. He's been trying to figure that one out for years.

He has illustrated several books, websites, and comics, and has been doing it for quite a long time now. There's a ton more work on his old site, if you've a hankering to see more. To see his most current sketches, comics and drawings, check out his instagram.

If you have a book you want Kevin to illustrate, please get in touch with his agent, the distinguished Steve Malk. If you wish to contact Kevin because he's behind on his payments and you need to know where to send the next toe… hmmm… send that to his agent, too.