The Terrible Two Go Wild

“In which Miles and Niles battle nature as embodied by an adolescent bully with a mullet”

The Terrible Two Go Wild, cover AND interior. We don't skimp! Drawings from The Terrible Two Go Wild More spreads from Terrible Two Go Wild Drawing of Holly at the pond, rough version Drawing of Holly at the pond, final version Drawings from The Terrible Two Go Wild A comparison of the rough versus the final art Spread of Miles running through the forest. Drawings from The Terrible Two Go Wild The progression of the cover from rough to final art Art from the German Book cover, and a color concept drawing of Niles and Miles.

About This Project


The Terrible Two Go Wild is the third installment in the ongoing story of Miles Murphy and Niles Sparks, two rival pranksters turned boon companions.

In this tale, we join our heroes already engaged in a fierce pranking campaign against Josh Barkin and his minions, known as Papa Company. Trouble brews from within and without as Miles and Niles wrestle with secrets, personal doubt, and a surprising spark of pranking insight from the normal dim Josh. Will Miles and Nile's friendship survive these tribulations? Will Papa Company successfully sink the Terrible Two? Will Principal Barry Barkin personally entertain me for several pages by narrating his own mythic forest adventure? You'll have to read the book to find out the answers!

Okay, okay. I'll give you one. Principal Barkin goes totally batshit there for a few pages. It's great.

Visit your local bookstore, or buy a copy online at Abrams Publishing or or whoever be ye olde preferred purveyor, and catch up with the Terrible Two today!

About Kevin

Kevin Cornell spends his days in Philadelphia, drawing made-up things. You know… like a “dog driving a bus”, or a “talking can of beets”. If you ever see a talking can of beets, tell Kevin. He's been trying to figure that one out for years.

He has illustrated several books, websites, and comics, and has been doing it for quite a long time now. There's a ton more work on his old site, if you've a hankering to see more. To see his most current sketches, comics and drawings, check out his instagram.

If you have a book you want Kevin to illustrate, please get in touch with his agent, the distinguished Steve Malk. If you wish to contact Kevin because he's behind on his payments and you need to know where to send the next toe… hmmm… send that to his agent, too.